Welcome to my personal web site

My name is Viacheslav SHKIRSKIY. Do not be afraid of such cumbersome combination of letters. Fortunately, there is easier form of my name, Slava, which frankly even I like more.

I am a post doctoral researcher in chemical science and engineering. The focus of my works is oriented to the understanding of fundamental mechanisms of the reactivity of solid-liquid interfaces. All my works can be divided into 3 parts: (i) development and/or elaboration of novel analytical tools for screening the  metal-electrolyte interfaces such as spatially resolved atomic emission spectroelectrochemistry, spatially resolved local electrochemical impedance mapping, scanning kelvin probe etc.; (ii) application of these novel tools completed with surface analytical techniques for the investigation of local kinetics of metal dissolution, metal passivity, delamination, inhibition, dealloying and leaching phenomena; (iii) building of physical and numerical models of observed phenomena with the help of finite element methods.

On this web-site you may find the information regarded my professional activities. In the "Published articles" section you may find the whole list of the scientific articles with their short description and attachaed full versions as well as the full version of my PhD thesis.

If you are curious about some of my activities do not hesitate to contact me using contact form on this web-site or by e-mail: viacheslav@shkirskiy.org